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  • Sell publication(s) to readers in over 30 countries, in 52 local languages via Zloadr
  • Transform your blogs & websites into sellable periodicals with out any coding
  • Increase your global footprint and revenue with our easy to use publishing tools
  • Let our army of affiliates push your publications to their huge loyal audiences
  • Distribute your publications to 65,000 Libraries & 1000+ retail outlets

About SamEnrico

Getting to know SamEnrico as a business


SamEnrico is a enterprise cloud based publishing and formatting platform, which sits at the forefront of collating structured and unstructured data to produce large scale digital reports and publications.


Our mission is to develop world-class enterprise industrial publishing solutions for small, medium and large companies to create digital publications/reports at lighting speeds; saving and cutting down the cost associated with labour intensive production of collating text and formatting when manufacturing large volumes and individual reports or publications for their end user.

Company Info

SamEnrico started out as a small in-house project, to simplify the creation and formatting of digital publications for sale in 2012, and it officially launched to outside users on Nov 5, 2014.

The company's management team is made up of entrepreneurs who have many years’ experience in the field of enterprise level software development, big data analytics and the publishing industry.

SamEnrico is currently free to its users and has a diversified business model with revenues coming in from subscriptions, retail sales, and royalties from publications it produces.


Creators Platform Features

Features to make your publishing exprience complete

Export Style: Choose between 3 different content layouts when exporting your final EPUB file
  • eMagazine Layout - Masterhead, Images & text in table contents.
  • eNewspaper Layout - Masterhead, categories, sub-categories, text and images on contents page.
  • eBook Layout - Full layout with chapter and sub-chapter names laid out on contents page.
Auto Cover Image: No need to upload a cover image. If you do not have one, an automatic one will be produced.
Import Content: Import facts, information and product descriptions via RSS/XML feeds, URL's, Metadata and CSV files
Format Content: Convert & format text content into specific output formats for distribution and sale.
Automate: Produce regular, set and scheduled reports and periodicals.
Branded Customization: Brand your publications with master heads, logo’s and more.
Collaborate: Invite and work with contributors or your own team members.

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Pricing Options for Creators

Try any of the following with a 1 week Free trial!



Create up to 10 eBooks

$29.99 per month

  • Create only 10 Ebooks
  • Distribute to 1000 retailers & 65,000 libraries
  • Access to publication Analytics
  • Up to 5 Contributors + Notifications
  • ************
  • *************
  • *************


Create up to 50 publications

$99.99 per month

  • Create up to 50 publications
  • Distribute to 1000 retailers & 65,000 libraries
  • Access to publication Analytics
  • Up to 25 Contributors + Notifications
  • Website to Publication converter
  • *************
  • *************


Create unlimted publications

$599.99 per month

  • Create Unlimited Publications
  • Distribute to 1000 retailers & 65,000 libraries
  • Access to publication Analytics
  • Unlimited Contributors + Notifications
  • Bulk & Mass Publishing Tools
  • Website to publication converter
  • Daily Newspaper production tool

Contributors Market Place

Join our market place to contribute to publications, get published and earn money in 3 easy steps.

Once you have submitted your material, a notification will be sent to the editor notifying him or her of your submission. The editor will then notify you with an outcome before publishing any of your material within 24hrs.

Submit now

Step 1

Select the type of publication you wish to contribute your article or content to. I.e Magazine, Newspaper or Ebook

Step 2

Choose the publication you wish to place your article or content within, by selecting a publication from the drop down list.

Step 3

Decide on the category your article will fit in with, complete the rest of the form and click "Add Content".


Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers to some questions you might have

Will my purchases from other retailers show up?

Your purchases from other retailers will not show up in your shelf space because you did not purchase them published directly with SamEnrico. If you have your receipt number, you can send this to us with the date you purchased the publication(s) and we will add it to your shelf space for you.

Can I upload my own publications into my shelf space?

At this stage, you cannot upload your publications but we will be soon updating our application to allow you to upload any of your publications that you hold in ePub, PDF and many other formats for easy reading on the go.

How does it work when I subscribe to a publication?

When you subscribe to a particular publication I.e. 1 month, depending on the publishing frequency, you will receive that publications next issue for the duration of the subscription you have paid for.

How much can I earn from contributing to a publication?

You can receive as much as a %5 royalty of the "Cover Price" on any publication sold with your article present.

Royalty example: If a "Magazine or Newspaper" is priced at $4.99 and 10000 copies are sold with your article included, you will automatically earn $1510

How do I sell my own publications on SamEnrico

If you are interested in selling your publication(s) on with SamEnrico, you will need to sign up as a author or publisher. You will then be provided with a publishing account, allowing you create publication(s) that can be sold via any of SamEnrico's app's and distribution outlets.

Where else are publications produced on SamEnrico sold?

SamEnrico distributes publications produced on it's platform to third party retails outlets at the copyright holders request. This is done in order to further expose writers, publishers and authors material to a larger audience of digital readers.

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SamEnrico's eBook Affiliate Program

Earn 50% from eBook referrals on all genres types


SamEnrico Affiliate Program Overview

Earn money with your website!

SamEnrico's Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue by placing publication covers and links on your site. You can search and choose from all types of genres that best fit your websites theme or topic.

When a visitor clicks a link on your site:

-- you earn a 50% commission on that visitor's purchase

-- if a visitor has come from your site and purchases anytime within the next 30 days, you earn a 50% commission on that purchase as well

With SamEnrico's Affiliate Program, you gain the financial benefits of selling online without the cost and trouble of keeping track of inventory, processing orders, and shipping packages; SamEnrico will take care of all of that for you!

Our affiliate program is free and is open to websites of all sizes, from small personal sites to large business and organization sites.

Best of all, because SamEnrico is dedicated to offering great prices and superior customer service, you'll be confident you're providing good value to your visitors.

Enhance Your Site or Blog

You add value to your site when you point your visitors to useful resources! Your visitors will love what SamEnrico has to offer them, and you'll love generating revenue!

If you're a book reviewer, you can make it easy for your readers to purchase the books you've reviewed by linking to, which is SamEnrico's digital book & Newsstand store.

If you're an author, you can make it easy for your fans to purchase what you've written by providing them links to your books at

Earn Money!

You will be paid a 50% commission on sales that are generated from the links on your site. If a visitor has come from your site and purchases anytime within the next 30 days, you earn a 50% commission on that purchase as well.

Independent Third Party Tracks Your Sales and Commissions

You can trust that your sales totals are accurate and your commissions are paid in a timely manner. Our affiliate program is administered by XXXXXXXX, an independent company that leads the affiliate management industry.XXXXXXXXX state-of-the-art tracking system gives you 24-hour access to your sales results.

How the SamEnrico Affiliate Program Works

It's easy! After you've registered as an Affiliate, you'll place code in the pages of your web site to display text or Book covers (it's your choice!) to The links will contain an account code unique to you to ensure that you get credit for sales that are generated by your site. When a visitor clicks a link and makes a purchase on our site, XXXXXXXXXX tracks your code and calculates your commission.

Getting Started!

Get started with the SamEnrico's Affiliate Program in just minutes! Here's a list of things you'll need to do:

1. Review the SamEnrico Affiliate Program Operating Agreement.

2. Complete the SamEnrico SamEnrico Online Application on the XXXX XXXXX site.

3. Choose the text or Book Covers you want to place on your website. Copy their code... the code's already written and customized for your personal account number.

4. Paste the customized code on the pages of your site or blog where you want the link or banner to appear.

5. Wait for people to visit your site and click on your links. Start earning money!


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